by Like Junk

The last princess Was light as light She had gold braids Across her spine On ropes she’d spin Within the wind No cage could curve The flight in her The flight in her He did not sleep For forty nights In forty dreams Missed forty flights This is the end The final end For him to serve A call to her A call to her
She lived atop the moon Dreamed of the sun In a tower of disbelief She had to reach too far Slept alone in her dreams at night Soon they took the day It’s easier to track a barnacle goose Than to follow your heart A phish can’t whistle and neither can I She found herself undone Until a giant climbing down a stalk Fell across her path Robbed and battered, she returned his health He returned her day Gave her wings and a voice that could melt All the blues away And she said “This is how we dance” “This is how we fly”
Turnaround Breathe it out Twist and shout Turnaround Turn it out Turnaround Turnaround Burn it out Dance on glass Turn it out Churn it out Turnaround Turn it out Bathed in doubt Twist it out And turn it out Turn it out Turnaround
/sɛksɪŋ/ 05:07
My favourite dream is shaken Too many things upset it Too many (lies)(lines) are failing I like to live beneath it My friends work for the Stasi Last month they were all Nazis Last year they dropped the atom bomb Don’t cater to their lust for blood Spilled blood no new beginning No time to cheer we’re winning No chance that we will wait that long To say the enemy has moved on No hate Fuck all blue white and red flags Their history’s lined with dog tags They hope that we won’t get along They hope that you don’t get along No hate This ain’t no fuckin’ new song Our river’s long been poisoned No country will protest too late No coverage will protect your fate No hate She won’t fuck you
I walk outside With my suitcase full Of my mistakes As though my lessons are done Now she comes to me And I hold back I see gold I saw gold Then I come to Cut me I falter through time Haunted by words As The Silent Street presents: ‘His Love on the Line’ Tonight, tonight Watch him scream Watch him scream “I’m free”




released January 13, 2017

all songs by scott white
music by Like Junk
engineered by Simon Sieradzki
produced & mixed by Simon Sieradzki & scott white
mastered by Laurie Sinagra
cover art by scott white

Like Junk are:
Michael Lush - gtr/synths/backing-vox/whistles
Sierra Whisky - vox/melodica/glokenspiel
Anetta Nevin - drums/autoharp/percussion
scott white - piano/vox/synths/programming
Simon Sieradzki (guest) - bass/acoustic/add.drums

all songs inspired by:
“Sexing the Cherry” by Janette Winterson
“4.48 Psychosis” by Sarah Kane

fɔː bʌndiː


all rights reserved



Like Junk Australia

Described as 'eccentric, eclectic, terrifying, enticing, melodramatic and ridiculously unique,' the trio have a reputation for moody, crazed and performative live shows.

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