from The Creature's Voice LP by Like Junk



There was silence in the void
Silence and nothing more
Not the slightest little din
Nor a tiny fluttering wing
Could be heard in the forest that night
And all the little animals were still
Though they did not sleep
There was silence in the void
Silence and nothing more

Step right up, oh won't you join me for a ride
Through the silent void and to the light on the other side
This tale is true, but quite unlike the one you've read
There's endless facts to every truth, or so it's said

Let's pick things up in the thick of the forest of the darkest night
Where all the lands animals had been taken by a dreadful fright
The bravest few gathered up their nerves and their waning strength
To seek out Merriaduc, the all knowing singing wench
“She'll make some sense”

Oh' the Captain was the sharpest of the bunch
He'd eat four Beatles for his lunch, just for his lunch
He cried for Merriaduc whose tongue was quite absurd
She spoke though her three mouths were filled to the brim with words

And she said,
”My fellow captain, dearest animals now hear me
We are the victims of a plot of lunacy
This darkened shroud deceives and plays upon our fear
But do not cry, we're not alone, we're not alone, oh can't you hear?”

Deep amongst the slaters and worms
The Creatures' voice was all that was heard


And The Creatures' voice became the light
And the animals all sang into the night
They did not hide, they did not fear
They let the light, their hearts grow near
They thought not once of their fearful ways
They all held hands and laughed and played
And when the song came to an end
They knew that it was dawn again


from The Creature's Voice LP, released January 19, 2013
scott White (piano, vox)
Michael Lush (gtr, melodica, back-vox)
Anetta Nevin (drums, percussion, screams)
Iggy the Cat (meow)

produced & mixed by Like Junk & Max Ducker
engineered at Cellar Sessions by Max Ducker
mastered by Myles Mangino


all rights reserved



Like Junk Australia

Described as 'eccentric, eclectic, terrifying, enticing, melodramatic and ridiculously unique,' the trio have a reputation for moody, crazed and performative live shows.

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