The Creatures' Voice

from The Creature's Voice LP by Like Junk



Like a child hiding from the thunder and rain
There's creatures inside my brain
And the crumbling ruins of forgotten days
It's always just been this way
So I ask you to breakfast to emancipate
I couldn't've anyway
It's just I don't have the stomach for this unclothed feast
Because there's creatures inside my brain
There's creatures inside my brain

I head into the ocean where the charts don't see
To counter my thoughts on fate
And maybe search for a clearway through these pressing clouds
But the pressure begins to amount
Words fill up my vision, fill the space within
They echo and stop fading
And then the liquid air whispers, it says, “oh, no, no”
There's creatures inside my brain
There's creatures inside my brain

So won't you hold me together cause I'm out of phase
I wanted to change my face
Yeah won't you hold me again because I'm out of phase


from The Creature's Voice LP, released January 19, 2013
scott White (piano, vox)
Michael Lush (gtr)
Anetta Nevin (drums)
Allie Rose Clarke (cello)

produced & mixed by Like Junk & Max Ducker
engineered at Cellar Sessions by Max Ducker
mastered by Myles Mangino


all rights reserved



Like Junk Australia

Described as 'eccentric, eclectic, terrifying, enticing, melodramatic and ridiculously unique,' the trio have a reputation for moody, crazed and performative live shows.

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